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Whether you want to

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Hampsthwaite Village Room is a community room for meetings, parties, library, history archives and so much more. 
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A village room

for the community

In Hampsthwaite's heart, a sanctuary stands,
Where Village Room, a gathering place demands,
A testament to Letitia's wise decree,
A space for meetings, parties, and history.

The hall, a beacon of community light,
From birthdays to anniversaries, a place for sight,
To share the love, the joy, the fun,
And leave with memories that never run.

A place for organisations too,
Where minds can meet and great things ensue,
A place for businesses, for all to see,
The potential that lies within our Hampsthwaite tree.

Coffee mornings, catch-ups, and craft fairs,
Events that bring the village together, with hearts that share,
A place for laughter, for creativity,
Where neighbours become friends, in unity.

And soon, a library it shall be,
A place where knowledge is set free,
A nod to history, to the past,
Where minds can wander, and dreams do last.

So come, dear friends, to the Village Room,
Where Hampsthwaite's spirit shines, like a radiant bloom,
A place where everyone can find their place,
In this vibrant, welcoming community space.
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Did we mention we have big plans?

We are currently under renovation to bring you an even better experience!

What we've been up to so far...

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Latest news

A venue

built on history

Hampsthwaite Village Room has been serving the residents of Hampsthwaite for almost 99 years. The room was given to the village for use as a public reading room. The room has served many purposes since then and now provides a venue for meetings and other village events.
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Village room facilities

Room hire in Hampsthwaite
A unique venue to host vibrant events like coffee mornings, catch-ups, and craft fairs. Hampsthwaite’s village room stands as the perfect gathering place for our community, where cherished memories are made and lasting connections are forged.
Parties in Hampsthwaite
Make your parties come alive! With its versatile space and welcoming ambiance, it’s the perfect venue for hosting celebrations. From birthdays to special occasions, gather your loved ones and create lasting memories in the heart of our vibrant community.
Meetings in Hampsthwaite
Discover the ideal setting for your meetings at Hampsthwaite’s Village Room. Conduct impactful meetings at Hampsthwaite’s village room. An adaptable space for organizations, fostering collaboration and productivity in our vibrant community.
Hampsthwaite Library
Over 1500 books already been donated and bookshelves are being made by a local joiner. To start with one afternoon a week the room will be open for teas/coffee for book swap, reading group etc.

The latest revelations and


The room has been fully renovated. It is now totally insulated with underfloor heating, new double glazed windows, a brand new kitchen and disabled toilet. It is now fully accessible for wheel chair users as the door threshold has been lowered to street level and all sections of room are at same level. A store room has also been created from the old toilet area. With  grants from The National Lottery Community Fund we have installed solar panels and batteries to reduce running costs.

Would you like to make a donation or become a sponsor?

We would like Hampsthwaite residents to become involved for running activities. We will acknowledge donations on a board in the room for those who have contributed to the upgrade of the facilities.
Hampsthwaite Village Room is a community room for meetings, parties, library, history archives and so much more.
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