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If you would like to book our facilities for a party, a meeting or for any other event simply complete the form below.
Our system is simple. Select the date you wish to book as well as the start and end time. Enter your details and click the button below to progress to the payment page. If you wish to book our room for multiple dates please select each dates you wish to book and then select the start and end times. Please note, you can only book additional dates in the same timeslot.

The cost to book Hampsthwaite village room is £12.00 per hour

We can only confirm your booking once payment is complete.

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 You agree not to exceed the maximum number of people including organisers in the Room
 I confirm that I agree to the Hampsthwaite Village Room: Standard Conditions of Hire
Read our Standard Conditions of Hire here

Hampsthwaite Village Room is a community room for meetings, parties, library, history archives and so much more.
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