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Learn more about the library at Hampsthwaite village room
The Village Room was originally built as a reading room. So it seems fit and just that we have now incororated a small library in the newly refurbished Village Room. If you have any spare books, please donate them to us!
Donate Your Spare Books

We need your spare books...

In order to start our reading room / library we would like to ask the residents of Hampsthwaite to donate all unwanted books, records and DVDs. You can call us on 07710 004 037 to collect or you can leave behind the Northway House metal gate.

Would you like to make a donation or become a sponsor?

We would like Hampsthwaite residents to become involved for running activities. We will acknowledge donations on a board in the room for those who have contributed to the upgrade of the facilities.
Hampsthwaite Village Room is a community room for meetings, parties, library, history archives and so much more.
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